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R and D

At Agri Samplers, we specialise in the design and manufacture of environmental and agricultural scientific instruments. We are constantly investing in R and D to keep ahead of the market. 

Latest Desing Projects Coming soon

On Going Devepopment of Remote DNA / LFD Sensing

We are now looking to take airborne pathogen detection to an on-farm level so farmers and growers can have daily web-based information on crop disease risks. The disease risk and results can be access on the new SpraySaver web site. 

We have designed a DNA Auto Spore Trap capable of taking daily air samples and performing multiple DNA LAMP assay tests. We have now addoprted this design to allow a version the DNA Auto Spore Trap, to be capable of doing LFD tests. Information can be tailored to the crop diseases farmers or growers are interested in. This enables accurate crop-spray predictions – including not spraying if there is little or no infection risk thus enabling huge cost savings on pesticides. Great for the produce and also the environment!

Laboratory Sprayer

We are currently working with NIAB to develop a laboratory spraying Apparatus. this will fit into a current fume hood. it will be able to apply accurate volumes of new compounds to plates and small plants.

Image for illustration purposes only 

Rain Spore trap

We are currently working with Rothamsted Research on a new rain spore trap. they are designed to open up during wet weather to collect the rain and filter out the spores for analyse 


Image for illustration purposes only 

For more information or technical help with our samplers please contact us using our contact form /wp-content/slot-bet200/

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